This didn’t turn out as expected

I live and ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, which means frequent transitions between bright sun and dark shade. I normally ride with contacts and sunglasses with an amber tint. It’s a compromise that is too dark for the redwood canopy and too light for bright sun on the coast. sent me these Nike Mercurial 6.0 prescription sunglasses a few weeks ago. I got them with Transitions photochromatic lenses.

Delaveaga road on dirt

My brilliant plan: shoot photos of my face and stitch these photos into a time lapse video to show the Transition lenses transition from dark and light as I rode through the forest to the beach. Theoretically, we’d see dark lenses in bright sunlight and clear lenses in the shade.

Unfortunately, when we drop into darkness, the camera image is also dark, so we can’t really see my eyes through the lenses. Instead, we get this seizure inducing video.

I can report that photochromatic lenses work as expected while I ride through the hills. I can see in the light and in the dark, huzzah.

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  1. What is the transition rate on the lenses? I would think they would really help when you hit large sections of shade and light but might tend to average on rapid transitions. That would still be better than no change.

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