Virginia: Hitting cyclist legal if you do it on a bike bridge

Kelley Howell was just riding along a bike pedestrian bridge in Norfolk, Virginia when she was hit head on by an SUV driven by an unnamed VDOT contractor.

The Virginia Department of Driving Transportation issued a statement saying the bike / pedestrian bridge “is used by employees for this purpose and signs are posted in both directions advising caution and to be aware of vehicles using the pathway.”

Because Howell and the driver exchanged information, because Howell did not seek medical attention until the next day, because Howell did not immediately call the police, and because damage to the bike seems to be under $1500, Norfolk police claims there is citable offense for the driver.

More –> Virginia Pilot: VDOT contractor was driver in SUV-bicycle collision.

Via Bike Hugger®.

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  1. If I were the rider I would have stopped cycling, and if I were the driver I would have stopped driving until we could figure out how to pass each other safely.

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