1. I just rode a 300km brevet in the rain. I can live without fenders, but I need a good jacket. I dressed knowing I’d be soaked from the waist down, and it wasn’t a problem. Wet is mostly just annoying when you are trying to stay dry.

    Obligatory weather links:
    weatherspark.com has 5-minute intervals on radar images and general data overload
    http://www.wunderground.com/auto/wxmap/ has a full screen map showing personal weather stations too, in case the typical reading from an airport on a hill that’s not quite in your city is a lousy indicator.
    http://forecast.io/lines/ is also neat, but I haven’t used it as much

  2. I usually say “that’s why I’ve spent the money on good rain gear” and most of the time riding in the rain is relaxing. Less traffic and everyone seems a little more on guard.

  3. “I get wet”, but only because even I’m tired of the 20 minute preso. I do follow it with “but with a little planning and patience I can usually find a way to stay dry.”

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