ZJay’s Saddle Sore Soother

ZJay’s in Boulder Colorado sent a sample of their Saddle Sore Soother in exchange for consideration. This unscented soothing gel is applied to your personal problem spots after your ride and shower.

zjays saddle sore soother

This is not a chamois cream for use pre-ride, but is applied post-ride to help provide relief for your pain in the posterior. The ingredients are fairly simple and non-toxic, consisting of a solution of hydrogen peroxide and salt buffered with citric acid and sodium bicarb suspended in a carbomer polymer gel. It feels like a very thin hair gel, with easy application and a non-greasy feel.

Problem is, I can’t evaluate this right now because my taint is currently sore-free.

In the interest of science, what can I do to encourage saddle sores?

I believe any advice on sore creation can be considered a howto on how to avoid saddle sores in the first place, right?

ZJay’s is a creation of Chris Leiferman and Zana Buttermore-Baca, a couple of triathletes and cyclists in Boulder, CO. They know saddle time and they know butt sores. Learn more and try it for yourself at their website.

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  1. Go for an hour or two ride in the morning, don’t change or shower, stay in your damp bib shorts all day, then go on another hour long ride in the afternoon.

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