A million pounds of pedal powered compost

Happy Friday, all!

Compost Pedallers of Austin, Texas has picked up half a million pounds of food waste since they began operations in 2012, delivering the waste to gardeners throughout Austin for use as feedstock for compost. With a push for Zero Waste in the city of the Austin, they have more demand for their service than they can handle, so they’re working to expand operations with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Madeleine Froncek bike with trailer

Currently, each pedaller travels about 15 miles per day transporting up to 300 lbs of food waste from central Austin. Compost Pedallers says they have 1400 people on a waiting list that they cannot currently serve. To expand their range and serve more customers in the hillier parts of town, they’d like to purchase electric assist bikes with trailers with modest help from you.

After only two days, Compost Pedallers are already 15% into their fundraising goal of $40,000. To learn more, visit the Compost Pedallers campaign page on Indiegogo.

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  1. i saw so many of those compost signs while visiting austin thought it was groovy. also bird houses on poles everywhere. way cool. chirp chirp

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