Attention Bay Area: Rain Wednesday. Maybe.

Do you remember the record 23 Category 4 & 5 Hurricanes I mentioned last Friday? One of those, the one-time Category 4 Hurricane Olaf, is now a tropical depression tracking towards the California coast. By the time it reaches us it will be a low-pressure system bringing possible rain and wind, especially along the coast and especially north of about Santa Cruz.

Hurricane Olaf 2015 track predictions October 25 2015

Rain may happen on Wednesday. Conditions will dry Thursday, when you’ll have a chance for new KOMs and PRs with winds of up to 20 MPH out of the north beginning mid-afternoon. Have fun!

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  1. If I am reading you right, had Olaf not dropped down to be a tropical depression and instead gained steam like Patricia did, we could have had a hurricane hitting the Bay Area. Yay for climate change.

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