Commute Challenge: Bike Share bike vs helicopter, guess who wins?

We’ve seen the car vs bike (and sometimes vs public transportation) commuter challenges that pit various forms of transportation. For today’s Traffic #Popepocalypse in Manhattan, Huff Post Business Reporter Shane Ferro challenged a helicopter taxi service to a race across town.

shane vs helicopter

The fun aspect of this race is that Ferro did this on a heavy CitiBike bike share bike. She notes the similar bike vs JetBlue race during the Los Angeles Carmegeddon in 2011, when a group of athletic cyclists raced the 40 miles from Burbank to Long Beach on road bikes.

I’m also reminded of a bike vs helicopter challenge in Sao Paolo, Brazil that took place in 2009.

I won’t reveal the winner of this Manhattan race, so click here for the story and the results. Tip of the hat to Eric in Boulder, CO.


  1. Don’t bother to, it isn’t worth it. I was hoping there would be someone encouraging the attempt but it was all just sadness. I am very impressed and thought the use of a citibike really made it about what transportation options exist and are easy. The totally doable average speed was a bonus. Excellent demonstration of the benefits of a bike share program and how it adds to a healthy transportation system.

  2. Thor, if you live in Santa Clara County, you are paying the Sheriffs to do so frequently. Good thing (av) gas is cheap…

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