Cycling Cairo women overcome cultural prejudices

Yasmine Mahmoud female cyclist in Egypt

Haitham El-Tabei wrote about the challenges women face when cycling in Cairo, Egypt. He notes that women enjoy more freedom in Egypt than in some neighboring countries, but they still must endure sexual harassment and violence in a culture that considers it inappropriate for women to ride bikes.

31 year old Yasmine Mahmoud rides her bike to work after carrying it to street level from her 10th floor apartment. As a member of Go Bike in Cairo, she helps encourage other women to try going anywhere and everywhere on a bicycle.

Women participate in a group bicycle ride sponsored by Go Bike in Cairo, Egypt.

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  1. I was a few times in cairo and have experienced the city traffic.
    since very little considerate participant was placed on other vekehrs. for this reason, I would not want to be on the road in kaio on a bicycle.

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