Levi’s launches cycling apparel for women

Four years after Levi’s introduced their Commuter line of cycling-specific jeans and other clothing for men and one year after I tweeted about their plans, Levi’s announced their Commuter apparel for women.

Levi's Bike Commuter jeans, jacket and shorts for women

Levi’s Commuter jeans, shorts and jacket feature lightweight, breathable fabrics. Stretch allows freedom of movement and comfort, while reinforced stitching and fabric at the right places ensures durability. Built-in water repellent keeps your looking clean in spite of minor splashes. Reflective bits at the ankles and shoulders help to make you visible. Higher rise in the back of the jeans keeps your backside covered while hopefully avoiding the mom jeans look.

The Women’s Commuter denim jeans and shorts are a cotton, polyster, Spandex blend to combine durability and elasticity with the classic denim look.

The Women’s Commuter Windbreaker is made from breathable, waterproof fabric and features a snap pocket, stowable hood, and an extended length back.

Where To Buy

The official launch is still a week out, but pre-release samples are available from a select few bike shops around the country.

I know Mission Bicycle in San Francisco just got their shipment of Women’s Commuter jeans and jackets yesterday. Other stores with jeans in stock or on the way include BFF Bikes in Chicago, Banker Supply Company in Pittsburgh, Race Pace Bicycles in Baltimore, and Bicycle Revolutions in Philadelphia. Overseas, Colette in Paris has Levi’s Commuter jeans and jackets for women available.

More information and online ordering from the Levi’s website here.

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  1. • I’m not a big fan of the “Levi’s Commuter” jeans, which are just skinny hipster style with a strap for carrying a U-lock. I’ve had both styles of their “Trucker” jackets, though, and they are great. (No idea why it’s a “Trucker” jacket since it’s made for biking.)

    Glad they’ve expanded to women. Most of my jeans are from Swrve and they have sadly dropped their women’s line entirely.

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