Light & Motion Sidekick action camera flood light

Light & Motion has launched a Kickstarter to fund their new “Sidekick” flood light, which is designed to attach to a GoPro action camera mount. They’re already most of the way to their $50,000 goal but they still have a handeful of early bird specials left. I’ve already kicked in my $100 for the Sidekick Silver.

Light & Motion Sidekick light for GoPro

Anybody who uses a bicycle headlight to add light when shooting photos or video learns quickly that the tight focus results in a spotlighted photo that also blinds the subject.

The Sidekick Silver is a 600 lumen flood light to improve your shadowy, backlit and after dark action videos shot with your GoPro action camera. It attaches directly to the GoPro mount. The Duo adds a second 400 lumen spot that acts like a more conventional riding light so you can see where you’re going. I love the completely waterproof sealed housing for these lights, making this light suitable for deep water underwater video.

When you make your Kickstarter pledge, be sure you pay attention to what you get. The Silver is the flood light only; the Duo adds the second spot light. I messed up and accidentally ordered the single light “Silver,” when I wanted the Duo.


Light & Motion is a well-established outdoor light manufacturer based in Marina, CA, so I absolutely trust them to follow through on this Kickstarter and to deliver a quality product. If you need a light for your GoPro camera, I can easily recommend this. I received nothing from L&M in exchange for this post.

Go here for the Light & Motion Sidekick Kickstarter page.

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