Mountain Bike Wilderness First Aid Class

Paramedic Sean Andrasik of the Ride Guides and Backcountry Medical Guides will lead a Mountain Bike Wilderness First Aid Class in Santa Cruz, CA the weekend of November 14 & 15. In this two day course, you’ll begin each day at 8 AM learning first aid for common backcountry medical and trauma emergencies while riding some of the best singletrack in Santa Cruz County.

Crash during Panda Portrait attempt

This course is appropriate for mountain biking enthusiasts age 14 and up. You’ll need mountain bike, helmet, gloves water, snacks, enthusiasm for riding, and the skills to handle moderate terrain on your bikes.

To learn more about the class and register, visit the WFA Mountain Bike Series page. Another class is also coming up next January. Doesn’t a two day bike adventure in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the height of an El Nino winter storm sound epic?

If the photo used in this Bicycling Magazine articles about your post-crash injury assessment looks familiar, it’s because that’s my old mountain bike.

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