Oakland challenges San Jose in Bike Off

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf challenges San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo: Which city employees can log the most riding miles for Bike Month?

San Fernando green lane bikeway ribbon cutting

Schaaf, Liccardo and the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission created this cute and corny video to encourage residents and employees in their respective cities to commute by bike this month. I’m typing this post using a keyboard with a broken “b” key, which really cuts into my words-per-minute when writing about bikes, bike month, the Bay Area , a bike challenge, bicycles and Libby Schaaf.

Commute miles are logged to the Bay Area Team Bike Challenge online tool. For our beginning week of Bike Month, 51 registered members for the city of San Jose have logged 53 miles, while 84 employees at the city of Oakland have registered nearly 800 miles so far.

I’d say San Jose has some catching up to do if they hope to beat Oakland in this cross-Bay contest, though I know several daily commuters at San Jose City Hall who have at least a five hundred miles (or, in metric units, nearly one billion millimeters) of commuting among them over the past week, so there’s also the matter of logging their miles to the Bike Challenge website.

Via Pizzaro and Andrew “BBBBad to the Bone” Boone, whose name contains a ‘b’. The green bike sock in the photo above belongs to San Jose DOT Director Hans Larsen, who has no ‘b’s in his name nor bees in his bonnet. Bonne chance!

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