One hour record … with a wooden bicycle?

Wooden bicycle hour record Eddy Planckaert

57 year old retired Belgian pro Eddy Planckaert now holds the hour record for a wooden bicycle after riding nearly 12 kilometers on a track in Rochefort, Belgium earlier today.

Planckaert took 30 laps around the track on the 30 kg bike to total 11932.94 meters.

Because the track he used is not UCI sanctioned, Planckaert’s effort was for funsies and will be entered in any official books, although he may make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, and the effort is still worth championship colors on the wooden wheel trophy he received.

Planckaert’s palmares include winning the green jersey in the 1988 Tour de France, and winning the Tour of Flanders that year. The closest finish in the history of Paris-Roubaix happened when Planckaert beat Canadian Steve Bauer by less than a centimeter in 1990.

The UCI-sanctioned world record of 54.526 km is currently held by British track star Bradley Wiggins.


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