San Jose Bike Train: Now with free (near) downtown parking

I run San Jose Bike Train to encourage newcomers to try commuting by bike. Our transit-friendly start point, unfortunately, conflicts with this goal. Free, all-day parking is difficult to find near Diridon Station and Bel Bacio Coffee, where we normally meet.

For 2015, I added VTA Park & Ride lots. A colleague requested parking near Bel Bacio, so I scouted around and found street parking within a half mile of Bel Bacio.

San Jose Bike Train, now with car parking!

What is San Jose Bike Train?

San Jose Bike Train runs the first and third Wednesday of every month. We roll shortly after 8 AM from San Jose Diridon Station, stop for additional riders from Bel Bacio Caffe, and continue north along the Guadalupe River Trail to serve destinations along the North First Street / Guadalupe Parkway corridor. We also pickup riders from VTA Park and Ride lots at Curtner Avenue and Tamien by request; RSVP is required for those Park & Ride pickups.

Free, all day parking for San Jose Bike Train

The first is on Autumn Street next to the Target Store off of Coleman Avenue. As you can see in the photo below, trail access is very conveniently located immediately adjacent to this street, and many people park here and unload bikes for trail rides.

San Jose Bike Train, now with car parking!

For driving directions, plug the address 580 Autumn Street, San Jose, CA 95110 into your favorite mapping app.

If you would like to meet on the trail at this location instead of at the coffee shop, let me know either in a comment here, on a comment at the San Jose Bike Train Facebook page or by telling me Twitter. Stalkers can also find us via the San Jose Bike Train public Glympse.

I found another street parking location on a short stretch of Bassett Street between Coleman and Highway 87. Unlike Autumn Street, which has street lighting and a high level of both street and foot traffic, Bassett has a somewhat high sketchiness factor. Some people may feel uncomfortable here, especially after dark. Travel from this parking location to Bel Bacio means crossing through the Santa Clara County Social Services parking lot. I include it here for completeness sake. Judge the “feel” of this location for yourself through this photo.

San Jose Bike Train, now with car parking!

For driving directions to this location, use the address 250 Bassett Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

Parking is at your own risk. I don’t know the risk of damage to your vehicle and its contents.

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  1. Thanks for the info; still planning to be there for the first of April ride, will have a rental car, driving from Santa Cruz, was womndering where to safely (non-towing) park.

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