Supplies for your conspicuity arms race

Early last week, I gently mocked Volvo’s Life Paint, a water-based spray paint from Sweden-based Albedo 100 that adds a non-durable reflective coating. I linked to the Amazon sales pages for Rust Oleum Reflective Finish, which provides a similar benefit using all American volatile organics.

Reflect All reflective microbead spray coating

In your quest to highlight your presence on the road, a few enterprising readers found additional interesting products, such as the Reflect All spray coating shown above. This stuff sprays reflective microbeads, supposedly like what you see on highway signs. This lists for $40 for two cans of spray; the reviews on Amazon are mixed so buyer beware.

Somebody ordered this a one pound bag of “Powder-like 10 Mil Spec Reflective Glass Beads”, which sounds like it could be a load of fun.

milspec reflective beads

According to the product description, “uses include topical paint applications, traffic safety, signs, art and craft projects, and sand blasting.” You throw or blow this product over freshly applied paint. Again, read the reviews, and read the Q&A for application tips.

Alternatively (or in addition to), you can pass go, spend $200, and proceed directly to ultimate eye-catching visibility with the absurdly shiny DiscoPants and Disco Hoodie from Betabrand’s DiscoLab collection.

Betabrand Disco Pants Betabrand shiny disco hoodie

For those with sewing skills, Betabrand also has a DIY kit of shiny Disconium fabric available for only $25. I’d love to see the results if you try this option.

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  1. I haven’t seen anything more reflective than 3M SOS tape. I used it on my motorcycle helmet and panniers.

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