Unlikely Bay Area Bike Share locations

San Francisco Bay Area Bike Share is expanding ten fold by 2017, and they seek your input for new Bike Share station locations in the cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and San Jose. People use this online suggestion tool to nominate locations and vote on proposed station locations.

Bay Area Bike Share South Bay suggestions

Numerous locations have already been suggested for all around the Bay Area, but I also see some unusual suggestions. How would you get to this location on the Farallon Islands, which is a wildlife refuge and closed to the public?

Unlikely Bay Area Bike Share Station locations

Others are thinking ahead and a little more seriously. Morgan Hill and Santa Rosa are outside of the scope of this expansion, but these are technically both Bay Area cities. The Santa Rosa nominator reminds us that commuter rail is on the way to his city, while in Morgan Hill, Barry Holsinger suggests stations close to transit and shopping, e.g. ““Close to Walmart and, more importantly, In-n-Out and 5-guys because I’d need to eat more high calorie food if I ride a bike this much.

Unlikely Bay Area Bike Share Station locations

Santa Cruz lies beyond the Bay Area, but a few locations were nominated in that city, as well as at the UCSC campus and in Capitola at the Esplanade.

I found a few other California locations way beyond the Bay Area: Yosemite Valley would be “glorious!”, downtown Santa Barbara “is ripe for use(BABS in Santa Babs?), two people even suggested stations for Los Angeles County.

Somebody identifed as “bikevegas” suggested Bike Share for the Strip.

I was puzzled at first to find so many bike share station nominations for Oberlin, Kansas (“Central and convenient!”), until I noticed failed address lookups mostly seem to land here.

Unlikely Bay Area Bike Share Station locations

Finally, how many upvotes do you think we can get for this Bike Share suggestion at Area 51?

A little more seriously, punch in an address for SF, San Jose, Emeryville, or Oakland and upvote the locations you think are the best.


  1. There’s a bug on this site that makes it much less useful than it should be. When I tried to suggest a site, it changed the placement of my pin when I submitted my entry. The mis-located pin was then unavailable for editing. This will result in many duplicates, and many misplacements.

  2. Larkspur Ferry and the SMART train. I suspect some sort of bike share will show up when the trains are immediately overwhelmed by bikes on board at opening.

  3. Please request and support bike shares on Upper Polk. We desperately need them there.

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