Video: Avoid the doorzone

Idiot driving - unsafe passing

The door zone is the space adjacent to parked cars that you should avoid while riding a bike. A car occupant may fling the car door open directly into you. At best, you bang up your bike a little. At worst, you’re pushed sideways under the wheels of a passing bus or truck.

This London Portland cyclist demonstrates one technique to avoid the door zone.

This is an important skill for anybody who rides near street parking. Safety first!

The law in 49 states prohibits opening a door into traffic, but you probably know how well that’s usually enforced.


  1. In urban areas every zone is a door zone 🙁 Just a couple of days ago I had to lock up the brakes to avoid hitting a car that had stopped to the left of the bike lane I was in to let out his “passenger” – who promptly informed me I was luck I stopped because “hitting a pedestrian is a crime.”

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