Waterproof cycling socks

I’ve mentioned SealSkinz waterproof socks a couple of times on these pages. They’re thin socks with a waterproof, breathable lining and are a favorite among kayakers and winter cyclists.

I recently discovered similar socks branded “Dexshell” from a Chinese company. I’m still reviewing them but I’m already impressed.

waterproof cycling socks

They use the same “Porelle” waterproof, breathable laminate used in SealSkinz socks, and I can confirm these socks are absolutely waterproof and breathable enough that my feet don’t stink after several hours of wear. I think the ankle seal on SealSkinz might work better, but as long as you don’t bike through two feet of water that shouldn’t matter.

They’re about the same thickness as my mid-weight wool hiking socks with similar comfort when worn under my cycling shoes.

I’ll post more later, but I’m really enthusiastic about these socks and wanted to share in case anybody needs something to keep their feet dry and warm. You can buy through Amazon here. I’ve written to the North American distributor to locate brick-and-mortar stores that carry this, too. Interestingly enough, one of the larger sellers imports these socks because they’re useful in lieu of “leather socks” for a Muslim foot-washing practice.

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