A step through frame from Faraday Bikes

Three years ago, Faraday introduced their electric bike, notable because it’s much prettier than other ebikes, among other features. Earlier this week, Faraday launched a crowd-funding campaign for a step-through model they call the “Cortland” (rhymes with Portland?).

faraday cortland

Besides offering two models of step-through ebikes, Faraday’s news Kickstarter adds upgrade opportunities for current owners of Faraday bikes: the snazziest auxiliary battery I’ve ever seen and a GPS tracking feature for theft recovery.

The Cortland features the same smart design choices Faraday is known for: internal hub gears driven by a Gates carbon belt, hydraulic disc brakes, built in lights, and bamboo fenders on a 40 lb steel bike. Faraday claims the 290Wh battery powering a 250W front hub motor provides up to 25 miles of assisted range. Electric bikes typically weigh 50 lbs and up.

Faraday also offers the Cortland S, which reduces cost with derailleur gearing, mechanical disc brakes, and steel fenders.

I love how Faraday pokes fun in their video at many bikey Kickstarters that emphasize the tech and goofy ideas over the practical usability of the bike.

Even if you can’t afford or want the ebike right now, other worthwhile goodies are available for those who want to help fund this project. For details, visit Faraday Cortland Kickstarter.

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