Good morning from America. I love the diversity of Americans who ride bicycles in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


We make America great by paying more than our share in taxes to support transportation infrastructure and subsidize those drive. We take up under ten square feet of road and parking space vs over 100 square feet required for each and every car. The inconvenience we cause to other road users is inconsequential when compared to the gridlock caused by thousands of space hogging motor vehicles. We rarely kill or maim others, while motorists kill somebody directly every three hours. We don’t contribute to killing smog, and help keep fuel prices lower by leaving more for others to use. We do all this with minimal wear and tear to roads, driveways and parking lots, since the damage caused by each bicycle is less than 1 part in 40,000 compared to the damage done by a medium car.


Is it too much to ask for the Powers That Be to occasionally throw us a bone?

Via Velo photos

Enjoy the ride!


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