David, and not Goliath

David in this story is the tall guy. He owns DirtySixer bikes, which designs bikes around 36 inch wheels for tall and large riders. The shorter guy, who’s actually about average height, is Josh Muir, who fabricates bicycles under the Frances Cycles brand.


This is his small size DirtySixer bike, wihch is fabricated by Ventana. David tells me he plans to launch a Kickstarter next weekend so you too can pre-order your own bike for the tall and large rider in your life.

The other 36er at NAHBS was fabricated by Black Sheep Bikes of Fort Collins, Colorado for Tarryn, who stands about 6’4″ tall with his cowboy boots. He tells me you can roll down a flight of stairs on these big hoops without feeling the bumps.


See these bikes for yourself today and tomorrow at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show taking place now at the Sacramento Convention Center.

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