Opportunities for Sunnyvale cyclists this week

Ahpook in front

From Kevin on the Sunnyvale, California BPAC:

Hi, folks-

Here are three bike-related events that may be worthy of your attention.

  • First, on Tuesday March 15 there is a joint council/BPAC study session titled Update and Status of the City’s Bicycle Program and Upcoming Projects. It will be in the West Conference Room at City Hall and starts at 5:30 pm. The council meeting calendar had shown it starting at 6:00, but hopefully the earlier start will allow more time for public comments (it has to end by 7:00 for the regular council meeting).
  • Second, on Wednesday March 16 the Department of Public Safety will host a public discussion to address the many complaints of safety hazards experienced by student cyclists on Mary Avenue. It starts at 6:00 pm at Homestead High School (no other information available, but it shouldn’t be hard to find).
  • Third, the BPAC meeting will take place on Thursday March 17 at 6:30 pm in the West Conference Room in City Hall. The agenda hasn’t been published yet, but should include a review of requirements to qualify as a League of American Bicyclists Silver Level bicycle friendly community (we are currently at the Bronze Level); a recommendation for use of our annual TDA funding; and a status update of all current bike/ped projects. All other non-agenda topics may be brought up during the Oral Communications section.

Feel free to attend any or all of these and let us know what you think!


  1. Richard, tell that guy to put away the Sun Microsystems jersey. It’s going to be valuable someday. 🙂 (Am I the only guy who remembers the article in some computer rag from way back in the day with the picture of the Sun cofounders in sunglasses and a title like “The Future’s So Bright, They Have to Wear Shades?”)

  2. I wondered if somebody would notice that Sun jersey 🙂 That photo is from nearly 10 years ago, I think. I really need to update my collection of bike photos from Sunnyvale.

  3. Sounds like I’ll have to take some pictures for you. Here’s a video of me taking the lane at certain Fremont intersections that I don’t like to be right-hooked at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D4Y50th_lc

    Note the RTOL at Bobwhite, which I convinced them to put in instead of the original ‘painted bulb-out’ like the one by the post office. Despite watching traffic with the engineers there, I couldn’t convince them that having the buffered lane continue straight through the intersection would position bicyclists to best be seen by drivers leaving Floyd. One engineer said we were at risk of being hit by drivers taking a right on red at Bobwhite and merging into Fremont traffic. I told her in all the years I’ve ridden there I’ve never seen a driver bold enough to merge into the 40+ MPH Fremont flow, but she could also put a “No Right on Red” sign there. Apparently that was a less sensible option than having bicyclists bob in and out of drivers’ sight lines.

    Thanks Kevin, and see y’all tomorrow night!

    P.S. My current ‘negotiation’ is with Santa Clara to paint a continuous bike lane on Homestead westbound at Lawrence, like they have on the eastbound side (by Kaiser), and also improve the bike lane positioning at the mall on the SE corner (L&L, Specialty’s, Groce-Out, etc.).

  4. Thanks again for the heads-up, Kevin. I thought this was a pretty good two-way dialog, well represented by parents, police, engineering, etc.

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