Ride bicycle rickshaws to Super Bowl 50

With some Uber drivers promising to boycott transportation to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, and game day parking as far as a mile from Levi’s Stadium, pedicab operators expect to make good cash on Super Bowl Sunday as they transport fans to and from the stadium.

Pedicab coming through!

Bicycle rickshaw operators will converge in the city of Santa Clara from all around the Bay Area Sunday to augment transportation around the stadium. Because not shuttle services will be available, football fans can either walk to the stadium, or ride a pedicab.

During major events at Levi’s Stadium, pedicab operators charge around $40 per mile per passenger. I’m told that patrons can expect around double that price on Super Bowl Sunday.

Enjoy the game! Thank you to Golden Gate Pedicab and Eco City Cycles for help with background. Other transportation resources:

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