San Jose traffic alert for an MLM event

VTA warns of transit and traffic delays for the downtown San Jose area this Friday morning, June 24, 2016, when 14,000 people will arrive to fill up the 6,000 available parking spaces within a half mile of the SAP Center for ACN, Inc’s international training event.

This volume of people traveling to the SAP Center isn’t unusual, but they’re usually filing in for an evening game or concert just as everyone else leaves their offices. On Friday, these multi-level marketing agents begin arriving at 7 A.M., at about the same time train passengers are circling for parking spaces at the large transit center across the street from the SAP Center, and office workers are filling up downtown parking garages.

Bike share riders San Jose

VTA says to expect traffic congestion on Route 87, at the Santa Clara and Julian exits, and on City streets surrounding the SAP Center area. Bus riders headed to the transit center and all around downtown should expect delays as well. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera on Friday to document the fun as I ride my bike through the mess.

VTA recommends public transportation: Bus, Lightrail, or Caltrain. The free DASH shuttle connects San Jose Diridon station and VTA Lightrail stations to various Downtown parking lots and office buildings. VTA does’t mention bikes, or skateboards, or scooters, or even the public bike-share system covering downtown San Jose with a station directly at the SAP Center. I’ll ask my bicycle rickshaw buddies if they plan to run their pedicabs on Friday morning.

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