Sea Otter Classic Coffee Map

The Sea Otter Classic 2016 outside of Monterey, CA begins tomorrow. The weather may be a little unsettled and on the cool side, so I made a map of the coffee spots with booth numbers I know about at the festival grounds for your benefit. At least one of these vendors will even give free samples. The Food Court no doubt has coffee too. There’s also usually a candy coffee drink vendor right outside of the entry gate at the ticket sales area.

Sea Otter Festival 2016 COFFEE MAP

Coffee companies at Sea Otter this year include 10 Speed Coffee of Calabasas, CA; Central Coast Espresso of Seaside; Don Francisco’s Coffee of Vernon, CA in LA County; and the Monterey Peet’s Coffee.

Yeah, I know about the two Starbucks drive thrus on Del Rey Canyon, but you’re in California, so you might as well drink coffee roasted here in California.

Watch this space along with my other social media accounts at Twitter, Instagram and Flickr (remember them?) for updates from Sea Otter this weekend.

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