Author: Biking Viking

USA Pro Cycling Challenge begins

Although I cannot be there, the race begins today. There were quite a few more cyclists seen about town this past week, dressed in their best kits, rolling their aero wheels and latest technology (I have seen some Di2). The Governor even gave a brief interview at the Broncos game on Saturday – this is a big deal for Colorado Springs, and seeing as this is the inaugural event, let’s hope it comes back for years to come.

UPDATE: A photo gallery of downtown Colorado Springs preparing for the event.

Accidental Therapy

For many years now my flat feet have struggled with the beating put forth during any given day of cycling. After suffering through and treating plantar faciitis as best I could, there was/is soaking those feet in an ice water foot bath with epsom salts, orthotics of varying elevation, and of course being more selective with the shoes I wear both on and off the bike. There were ‘good foot days’ and ‘bad foot days’, the latter outnumbering the former. After a while, my ankles began to ache, forcing me to ride with neoprene ankle braces. (more…)

Good Enough Just Got Better

For over a year now I have been eying a wheelset upgrade for the roadie commuter, but could never justify the expense while the existing wheelset was rolling just fine (stock Alex R500’s). Performance has always had a great price on their well-reviewed and popular Forte Titan wheels, but I always miss a sale or have another expense to attend to. Last weekend Performance was letting these babies go for $140 a pair, with $25 off for orders over $150, and I needed a chain tool. Perfect. The shop trued them for me and I went home and mounted them immediately. (more…)

Thanks Troops Foundation

Colorado Springs is a military-heavy town, so stories like this are more obvious than in other places around the nation. This video seems to work only in Internet Explorer 🙁 I tried Chrome and Firefox and do not have Safari.

The story involves the Thanks Troops Foundation, a Springs-based organization that helps disabled veterans get back into life after the military. The Foundation provides Mountain Bikes (in this case) for vets to keep them away from the bottle and those ‘dark places’ when they return.


Weathering the Storm

About twenty years ago, here in Colorado Springs one could count on summer showers around 4:00 p.m. for half an hour, which gave way to sunny skies which dried it all up. Until this year that weather pattern had disappeared, and one could count on a dry ride home from work.

Yesterday’s monsoon rains were wicked wet, thunder was loud, and lightning was uncomfortably close. I rode on, reminding myself that this is better than driving because the roads are icy or it is -30° F.

The most accurate weather I have seen comes not from my local TV stations or their websites, but from a little site known as USAir Net. It is geared toward Aviators, but is remarkably accurate and allows me to gauge with some accuracy wind direction. I loathe the wind.

If you’re a commuter, check out this site. It is well worth your time.