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Happy Canada Day

To my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day to you. When the Tour de France begins this weekend, I believe Ryder Hesjedal of Team Garmin Slipstream will be the only Canadian at this race. This will be his second time racing the Tour de France.

Canada’s National Vehicle Recycling Program announced a new initiative this week that gives participants up to $490 off the purchase of a new, high-end commuter bicycle through a national partnership with the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada. Read more at BR&IN. Canada Retire Your Ride website.

Visit Raymond Parker’s VeloWeb in Canada. I love the 1964/2006 photo!

Canada flag bicycle

From Guelph, Ontario: Why cycling laws fail so abysmally. Props to Bicycle Diaries where there’s more good commentary on the freedom of cycling.

Toronto: Motorists irrational hate of bike lanes.

Cyclists are now 4% of traffic in Vancouver.

Bike Polo in Calgary?

Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

Arnold says to visit Cycle Vancouver Island and Capital Bike & Walk.

Winnipeg has its unique bike commuting challenges.

Montreal: A moving company using only bikes! More (in English) here. Via Gwadzilla.

Ontario exempts bicycles from sales tax

Beginning December 1, bicycles and bike helmets will be exempted from the 8% provincial retail sales tax in Ontario, Canada. “We want to encourage more Ontarians – young and young-at-heart – to get outdoors, spend time riding bikes as a family and with friends, or to try riding to work if possible, leaving the car at home,” said Ontario Premier McGuinty.

The full details are at the Ontario Ministry of Revenue website. Bicycles purchased for under $1000 are exempt, as well as bike safety equipment such as helmets, reflectors, lights, bells, horns, and mirrors. Bike rental, bike parts, non-safety bike accessories and labor for repairs and assembly remain taxable.

Mentioned at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (aka the BR&IN), Canadian Cyclist, Pedal Magazine.