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San Francisco Bike Expo Fashion Show

Momentum Magazine and Gwendolyn Lee produced the Bike Style bike fashion show at the San Francisco Bike Expo last Saturday evening.

Momentum are working on their own video of the show that will include specific details of what you’re looking at. I’ll try to update the captions over the next few days with the fashions and bikes in the photos. In the meantime, enjoy the yummy bikes and fashions in my slideshow.

Sponsors include Nutcase Helmets, Breezer Bikes, Crumpler Bags, and Bumble & bumble. Cyclelicious friend Meligrosa modeled for the show and looks fabulous. My buddy Kit was super stoked to see his 53 Miles Per Burrito shirt in the fashion show as well.

Bikes and high fashion

Over the past couple of years the various brands of LVMH have integrated bikes into their marketing. This last spring, for example, LVMH sponsored the “Bikes In Style” challenge, in which student designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology created stylish, practical and affordable bike gear. There was also DKNY’s unforgettable but perhaps regrettable orange bikes campaign during New York’s Fashion Week in 2008.

It turns out these bike projects aren’t just from the overeager mind of a bikey marketing exec. The bike love at LVMH goes straight to the top: LVMH North American Chairman Renaud Dutreil is a daily bike commuter! He rides to work in Manhattan on an old black Dutch Gazelle bicycle.

Dutreil is featured in this New York Times piece on the merger of bicycling and fashion.

It is no coincidence that fashion is having a bike moment at the same time that New York City, the capital of American fashion, has gone bicycle crazy. The number of daily cyclists in the city has jumped to an estimated 185,000, from 107,000 in 2005, according to Transportation Alternatives, a bicycle-advocacy organization. Indeed, some New York designers are bike commuters themselves, like Steven Alan, who commutes to work on a foldable Strida, which looks like a bicycle as reimagined by Duchamp.

Read more at The New York Times. Via Justin Torrento.

Interbike 2009 fashion show

Watch for the second annual Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show, presented by Giant Bicycles, at Interbike 2009 on the show floor, Thursday, September 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Short skirt and bicycle “Interbike uses the Urban Legend Fashion Show to showcase the industry’s growing enthusiasm for urban cycling and the exciting products that the segment supports,” said Rich Kelly, Interbike marketing manager. “As with all of the products exhibited at Interbike, urban cycling gear and apparel is best appreciated in action.”

Instead of a traditional catwalk, a road loop surrounded by bicycle-inspired art will be laid out on the main show floor in hall D of the Sands Expo Center. The Urban Legend audience will gather in and around the loop while models ride through it. The innovative layout allows attendees “front-row seats” to watch the models show off the function and fashion of urban bikes and cycling apparel.

Boy on Bike: Urban Legends Fashion Show Interbike 2008 Las Vegas “We loved what Interbike did with the fashion show last year and thought sponsoring it this year would be a great way for Giant to highlight its new lifestyle products,” said Elysa Walk, general manager of Giant Bicycles. “There is a lifestyle boom taking place in the consumer market and Giant wants to be part of it.”

Inspired and styled by Momentum Magazine, the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show will be a celebration of urban sustainability, culture and style. Highlights will include stylish, smart, sexy and professional clothing for every season that fits into everyday life and works great on a bike. Instead of typical athletic shorts and jerseys, models will sport practical urban and casual cycling wear while riding urban, folding, utilitarian and commuting bikes.

To complement the cycling fashion on the runway, cycling-inspired art by a variety of artists will be on display at the fashion show venue.

Girl on bicycle: Urban Legends Fashion Show Product submissions for possible inclusion in the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show are due no later than September 9. To make a submission, send a completed product submission form and lo-res photo to Mia Kohout at For art submissions, please send an email to at Thomas Prehn at

For schedule information about the Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show and other events at the 2009 Interbike International Bicycle Expo, please go to

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