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See NTS Works new ebike at tonight’s Santa Cruz Tech Meetup

NTS Works in Santa Cruz gave me a shot at trying their new “Fat Free” ebike a few weeks ago.

NTS Works found Neal Saiki will discuss the features of this machine at tonight’s Santa Cruz Tech Meetup, which takes place at the Cruzio Green Building on Cedar Street beginning at 6 PM.

Before Neal talks about his ebike and gives one away to kick off a fund raiser for the Aptos High School Robotics Team, JoeBen Bevirt will talk about his latest mad scientist project. JoeBen made millions from his Gorillapod flexible camera mount (remember those?), bought a winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains and began research in alternative energy production using giant kites. His new thing, though, is this electric personal aircraft.

2×4 electric cargo bike live on Kickstarter

Cargo bike parking sign

NTS Works just went live with their Kickstarter campaign for the 2×4 electric cargo bike.

The goal is $100,000. The first 100 bikes are deeply discounted on Kickstarter at $3,600. Other incentives for supporting NTS Works include a cargo bike parking sign (shown above) at the $50 level, and a desk sized scale model with moving parts made on a rapid prototype machine for $200. If you can’t afford the cargo bike I think that scale model sounds pretty cool as a gift for the bike nerd in your life.

Pedego electric fat tire bike

I ran into Doug of ELV Motors of Santa Clara last Friday night at Bike Party. He rode Pedego’s “Trail Tracker” fat tire electric assist bike.

Pedego electric fat bike

You can read the history of this bike over at, but the short of it is that this $3000 singlespeed bike features a 48V 10AH lithium battery to power a 600 watt geared hub motor in the rear wheel to drive those big fat Innova 26×4 inch tires.

I didn’t try this bike but it looks like it could be fun.

Pedego electric fat bike

More electric bike news

Everybody’s talking about this Treehugger poll and the e-bike market which is expected to grow to $11 billion by 2020. I think this is the world wide market. In the USA, e-bikes are lower impact than SUVs, minivans and cars, but I think $11 billion worth of electric bikes mostly means 200 million Chinese citizens will trade up their pedal bikes to electric bikes and scooters.

Europeans are buying more electric bikes, too. One of the concerns I’ve heard in America is you’ll get more newbies attempting to ride more bike than they can handle. German insurance companies are apparently concerned, too, and performed electric bike crash tests. (Via Jenny.