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Strava labs KOM maps

A few days ago, Tom in Brazil told me about Strava Labs new KOM map tool. You can look at a map of the segments for which you own the KOM and QOM. “Segments” are user-defined routes in Strava by which Strava users can compare themselves against other riders who bike the same route. Whoever has the best time on a segment owns bragging rights as King of the Mountain or Queen of the Mountain. Strava also flags downhill segment winners as KOMs.



Elevation profile on Google bike directions

Check it out: Google Maps has added an elevation profile to their bicycle directions. The directions also tell you how much elevation you’ll gain and lose on the selected route.

elevation profile google maps bicycle directions

My bike directions map mashup does the same thing, except it doesn’t work anymore. It looks like the Mapquest part of it is completely broken now. Oh well.

H/T to Revolights on Twitter.