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Interbike 2007 photos and more

The Bike Hugger started a Flickr pool for Interbike 2007 photos, which I’ve joined and will post my photos too. The Hugger also provided good coverage on the Outdoor Demo day, with quick views of a city bike from Felt and Raleigh’s Soujourn touring bike.

Bike Magazine has lots of nice bike porn, including some good closeups of the new carbon belt drive that’s been getting some attention lately.

Singletrack tried the new Spot bicycle with the carbon belt drive and compared it with the Orange belt drive prototype. also has their usual excellent gallery of photos from the Outdoor Demo days.

VeloNews also posted plenty of yummy gear photos from the Outdoor Demo. Cyclingnews provides a more newsy overview.

In case you missed this earlier:Specialized president Mike Sinyard and some of his employees rode their bikes the 600 miles from Specialized HQ in San Jose to Las Vegas. I thought about doing that, but it’s either high mountains or hot desert for the entire journey, which kind of scared me. It’s a tough ride.

Interbike 2007 news.

Interbike 2007 preview

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Interbike 2007 Expo begins next Wednesday and I’ll be there to report on product news, trends, and photos on behalf of CommuteByBike. I’ll drool over the high dollar race-worthy gear, clothing and training aids, of course, but I’ll take a close look at:

  • Family cycling accessories like the iBert child seat.
  • Utilitarian cycling wear.
    Huffy Sonic: SPEEDOMETER and SHIFTER!
  • Performance cycling wear such as the new Argento shorts with reflective panels from Black Bottom Cyclewear.
  • Bags from the myriad bag companies there, like newcomer Rickshaw Bags of San Francisco.
  • The carbon belt drive used on Spot Bikes.
  • Coffee with the one and only Bobke at the Kryptonite Booth.
  • The latest lights from vendors like Light and Motion and others.
  • The Best Barista contest at the Louis Garneau booth on Thursday, not to mention the free coffee given away during the opening hour of the expo.
  • Superstars like Saul Raisin, Phil Ligget, Stuart O’Grady and Niki Gudex.
  • The outlook for independent bike dealers.
  • Custom frame builders.
  • New bikes — especially “urban” or utility bikes — from the more mainstream bike companies such as Specialized, Raleigh, Masi, and the QBP brands Surly and Civia.

Trek will not be at the Interbike Expo. Specialized employees, including company president Mike Sinyard, are riding their bikes the 600 miles from San Jose to Vegas.

Be sure to watch for a special VIDEO edition of The Spokesman Cycling Podcast in which I will appear with other cycling bloggers and the usual Spokesman gang of Tim, Dave, Carlton, and Tim. I was hoping to meet Elden the Fat Cyclist, but he can’t make it. My sources do tell me that I might be able to unveil the identity of BSNYC, though, which would be a treat.

Interbike news.

Almost famous

“High Five!” photo by Timothy J.

WIRED Blog linked to Cyclelicious over the weekend, which is always good for a few extra hits on the old website. Thank you to whoever forwarded that link to them.

I also really appreciate those who link to Cyclelicious. Over the past 10 days or so, you are:

Interbike is just three weeks away. I’ll be there on behalf of Tim Grahl’s Crooked Cog Network and Commute By Bike, but I’ll post plenty of yummy bike porn and updates on a daily basis here also. Watch this space for Interbike updates.