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Bicycle recalls

Some Schwalbe Ultremo “R” tires can herniate and explode. Schwalbe has replacement info here.

Electra Bicycles has expanded an existing recall to include the 2009 Delivery 3i, Delivery 8D, Holiday 3i, Holiday 8i and Surf 3i bicycles with front-mounted trays or baskets. The front baskets on these bikes look very nice, but they can come loose and wedge against the front tire, which can be bad. Contact a local Electra dealer for free repair.

This one’s not a bicycle but it’s of interest to me since they’re in my town: Zero Motorcycles has recalled the 2009 Zero X and Zero MX Off-Road Motorcycles because the throttle can become stuck in the full “on” position. This can unexpectedly lead to full power when turning on the power, which can be thrilling but also dangerous. Contact Zero Motorcycles for free repair.

3 bicycle recalls in 1 day

It’s a busy day for the US CPSC to issue bicycle recalls. Early this morning the US CPSC issued recall notices for Felt bicycles and Burley child trailers.

This afternoon they added a recall for Nirve Cannibal Bicycles. The bicycle stem can crack and cause the rider to lose control, posing a risk of serious injury if the rider falls. his recall involves Cannibal “Chopper” model bicycles with graphic designs by artist Corey Miller. The bicycles have a black matte finish. The affected bicycles have a serial number within the following range: L8E0300001 – L8E1001050. Serial numbers are located on the bottom of the bicycle between the pedals.

See Nirve recall page for detailed information.

broken bicycle steering stem

Recalls: Felt CX and Burley child trailers

The CPSC gave two recall notices this morning for bicycle products:

2007/2008 Felt F1X Cyclocross Bicycles

This is apparently a reminder of an earlier recall. The bicycle’s fork steerer tube can break, causing the rider to lose control and fall, posing a risk of injury. Felt Bicycles has received six reports of the bicycle forks breaking, including two reports of minor cuts and scrapes. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bicycles and contact a local Felt Bicycles dealer to receive a free inspection and repair. For additional information contact Felt Bicycles toll-free at (866) 433-5887 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday. Visit Felt’s website for more info.

2009 Burley d’lite ST and Solo ST Child Trailers

The axle assembly’s internal sleeve can loosen, causing one wheel to separate from the trailer. This poses a risk of injury to the child occupant or bike rider. The recalled products are two-wheeled child trailers designed to carry one or two children behind a bicycle. Only the 2009 d’lite ST and 2009 Solo ST trailers with serial numbers that begin with D939 or D948 are included in the recall. The serial number is located in the rear cargo area behind the seat on the lower left rear frame tube. The trailers have “d’lite ST” or “solo ST” screen printed on the cover. Consumers should stop using the trailer immediately and contact Burley to receive a free repair kit or to locate a retailer to assist with the free repair. Visit Burley’s ST recall web page for more details.

Bike recalls: Do they come in threes?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced three bicycle recalls this morning.

  • Norco full suspension mountain bike frames can crack. The recalled bicycle frames include the following model year and model names: 2007 Team DH, 2008 Team DH, Aline Park, Aline, Atomik, Shore 1,2,3, 2009 Atomik (without gussets). These are some of Norco’s higher end full suspension mountain bikes. Norco is kind of weaseling by claiming that the product is not defective because the frames only crack when the bike is abused, like when you jump the bike without using a “down ramp [that] must be properly designed, in height and length, to absorb the landing from the jump.” Of course anybody who ever jumps their full suspension mountain bike always uses properly designed ramps. More here at Norco USA.
  • Trek comfort bikes with suspension forks. The “JD” fork used on some of Trek’s comfort bikes are sprung below the head tube but above the fork crown. Apparently, something can come lose, resulting in the front tire turning on its own. “This,” claims the CPSC, “can cause the rider to lose control of the bicycle and crash.” More at Trek’s safety & recall information page.
  • Cannondale comfort bikes with suspension forks. Hey look! Cannondale got their “JD” forks from the same supplier that Trek did. The recall involves model year 2008 Cannondale Adventure 2, Adventure 3, Adventure 2 Feminine and Adventure 3 Feminine bicycles. Cannondale recall information page.