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Waze to create a better world for me and you. But mostly for me.

Modern disruptive innovations based around mobile technology applications implicitly promise a move towards the “pure” capitalism theorized by (paradoxically) 19th century economists. Informed consumers can theoretically compete more effectively on price.

But what happens when the commodity — in this case, road space — is free?

They say bikes get in the way of traffic


Istanbul: More money for parking and bike lanes, bans for school buses and private corporate shuttles

Istanbul Turkey man on a bicycle

As part of a broader plan to grow the nation’s economy, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu introduced a proposal for congestion pricing and restrictions on school buses and private shuttle buses in Istanbul, along with plans to encourage bicycle use through the expansion of bike facilitie. The new transport plan also dedicates transit revenue for park-and-ride lots in the periphery.


Rolling stops in South City

KRON TV’s Stanley Roberts visits a residential neighborhood in South San Francisco to catch scofflaws in the act. He says somebody even called police to report a suspicious black man with a camera.

Like all drivers, the woman who was ticketed for blowing through the stop sign claims she’s a good driver who never ever breaks the law except for that one time. Yeah, sure.

Does Facebook really generate that much traffic?

This is about real physical traffic, as in the movement of people. Not web traffic. This is not an article about how Facebook can help your search marketing efforts.

Long time readers know I once worked for Sun Microsystems at the Menlo Park campus now leased by Facebook. Known as “Sun Quentin” for its prison-like exterior and remote location along the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge, the 57 acre campus was built between 1993 and 1995 after Menlo Park’s redevelopment agency enticed Sun to move its corporate headquarters there. I don’t know the history of these enticements, but relatively easy access to Highway 101 and the Dumbarton Bridge likely were mentioned.

Hawk's eye view


Everybody’s doing it

Everybody’s doin’ it doin’ it doin’ it, picking their nose and failing to stop behind the limit line at a red traffic light.

KRON’s Stanley Roberts visits the South Bay to watch traffic shenanigans in the city I work in.

He shoots a conga line of people blowing through a red light on Bowers at Augustin in Santa Clara, California.

This video reminds me of this recent story, in which a British Member of Parliament who once castigated cyclists for running red lights was herself ticketed for running a red light while driving her car. Oh pooh.