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The American Bicycle

Before World War II, tobacco companies included trading cards in their cigarette packaging, similar to baseball cards included in some modern packages of bubble gum.

In 1939, Player Cigarettes in Great Britain released a series of 50 cycling cards with the help of Mr “Harry” England, the editor of Cycling (today’s Cycling Weekly).

The series briefly covers the history of cycling, describing early and (then) modern bikes, such as this Light Roadster Bicycle, described as “admirably suitable for the young and middle-aged for riding to work, to the allotment, or to school.”

Player Cigarette Cards: Light Roadster Bicycle


Jeremy Clarkson rides a bicycle

The famously anti-bike motorhead and co-host of BBC car show “Top Gear” says he’s bought a bicycle!

There’s only one way they [i.e. avid, lycra clad cyclists] can be defeated. And that’s for normal people to start riding bicycles. We need to swell their ranks with moderates, people who ride a bike because they’ve had a drink and because taxis are too expensive. Ordinary people who ride in jeans and T-shirts and with no stupid helmet.

More at Bike Biz by Carlton Reid: Jeremy Clarkson buys bike, urges “normal people” to follow his example.

H/T to Simon.

Ride Across Britain 2013

John O’Groats to Lands End is the traditional traversal across the length of Great Britain — from John O’Groats at the extreme northeast in Scotland to Lands End in the southwest of Cornwall, England. The Deloitte Ride Across Britain is a 9 day, fully supported bike tour in which you and hundreds of other cyclists can participate in the challenge of riding Britain from end to end.

More info right here.