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Hit & Run Skyline & Old La Honda

Update: An earlier version of this story mistakenly placed the attack on Skyline at OLH.

California Highway Patrol reports a cyclist was intentionally hit by a pickup truck driver on Highway 84 heading towards the coast at Old La Honda Road in Portola Valley, California shortly after noon on Saturday, March 30 2013. The criminal sociopath behind the wheel purportedly harassed the cyclist before striking the cyclist with the truck mirror.

The cyclist suffered breaks to five ribs, collar bone and scapula. Unfortunately, the victim was unable to get a license plate on the truck.

Skyline Blvd & Old La Honda Road, Portola Valley, CA

Intentionally bumped by a car

Two years ago, the driver of a red BMW pulled up behind me, intentionally bumped my bike and ran. Santa Cruz police responded to my 911 call with admirable swiftness, but the plate number I rattled off in the heat of the moment was incorrect, so Mr. Wonderful got away.

Something similar happened to Kate in Washington DC last February. She stopped at a red light while biking home from work. The driver behind her stopped. Maybe this driver is a fan of Tony Kornheiser — the ESPN announcer who told his listeners to “run them [cyclists] over” — because the driver pulled up and nudged Kate, pushing her forward into the intersection. The car occupants started laughing and bumped Kate again. Then things got interesting for the driver.


Patrick Pogan: Guilty. Sort of.

Update: Analysis of the verdict.

The New York police officer who allegedly body slammed a cyclist during a Critical Mass ride was found guilty of falsifying his report in which he claimed he the cyclist assaulted Pogan, and Pogan merely hit back in self defense.

Strangely, the jury acquitted Pogan of the assault charge, which is exactly what he lied about in his police report.

So, if Pogan didn’t actually assault Christopher Long, why exactly would Pogan lie about it?