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Alcohol as a recovery drink

Sports scientists actually study this stuff! I wonder how hard it is to recruit subjects for this kind of research?

Buzzkills Steve Stannard, Matthew Barnes, and Toby Mundel at Massey University in New Zealand gave 11 male subjects screwdriver cocktails after exercise sessions and compared their muscle performance with another session in which the volunteers drank only orange juice after their workouts. They found that moderate alcohol consumption significantly degrades post workout recovery.

From the abstract of a study performed at Massey University in New Zealand, with the wonky title “Acute alcohol consumption aggravates the decline in muscle performance following strenuous eccentric exercise” (more…)

Coverage for NAHBS 2010

Hello to you, the readers of Cyclelicious.   My name is Ed Ip and I’m new to the Cyclelicious team.  A bit about me, I’m a software developer by day, and a cyclist and photographer by night.  I dream (i.e. drool) of shiny — usually expensive – objects that promise to make me a better/faster person.  My evaluation process usually takes me down the path of want instead of need, and it goes something like this… “Do I need a new bike?  No, but I want it because will make me faster.  Do I need a TT helmet?  No, but I will definitely be better looking because of it!”

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about what I will be doing for you…

My first order of business is to bring you the highlights of the 2010 Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend.  I will be trolling the show floor with my camera looking for shiny bits that I think you and I will want.  Bike porn anyone?

If you are attending this annual event, send me a direct tweet @e_ip so I can buy you a free beer!  If not, leave a comment below if there is something in particular you like to see.  I will try my best to bring home the photographic goods!