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Bay Area Bike Share Bike Design

“Exactly colors to be determined” like it says in this diagram, but here’s what our Bay Area Bike Share bikes will look like.

Bay Area Bike Share

This bike with a step through frame features 7 speeds, front and rear lights powered by a front hub dynamo, drum brakes, fenders, skirt guard, chain guard, and a small front rack.

The bike share will be operated by Alta Bike Share, with kiosks in San Francisco, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Jose, with operation planned beginning in August (but we’ve been hearing “SF Bike Share coming Real Soon Now!” since 2010, so don’t hold your breath).

View Silicon Valley Bike Share in a larger map

Update: How come nobody told me Streetsblog had this two weeks ago?

Bay Area Bike Share hiring a general manager

Who noticed this little blurb in yesterday’s job openings post?

Alta Bicycle Share, contractor to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and operator of the Bay Area bike share program (BABS), is seeking a General Manager to oversee staff of over 50 people and all aspects of launch and ongoing operations.

I heard BAAQMD and Alta finally signed a contract sometime in late November. Does anybody have an up-to-date timetable on when we can finally see these bikes roll out in the San Francisco Bay Area?

And, ummm, “BABS”? Is that really what they’re going with?