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Sunnyvale leaders elect to replace parking and lanes with buffered bike lanes

During last night’s Sunnyvale, CA City Council meeting, city councilors selected a plan to remove more than half of the available street parking and remove a traffic lane on Duane Avenue to make room for buffered bike lanes. Currently, Duane Avenue between Stewart Drive and Fair Oaks Avenue consists of four traffic lanes, street parking on both sides of the road, and no bike lanes.

Council voted for a plan that will reduce this one mile segment of Duane Avenue from four lanes down to three. Curb parking will be removed from eastbound Duane, leaving room for six foot bike lanes on both sides of the street with three to four foot buffers. While the city still needs to draw up plans, the lane configuration will be pretty close to what I drew below.

Sunnyvale Duane Avenue Alternative 3 - selected