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Alfredo Aceves rides a bicycle

New York Yankees relief pitcher Alfredo Aceves rides a bicycle. While riding around in Mexico yesterday, he crashed and broke his left shoulder, which is a pretty typical bike crash injury. He’s recovering from surgery but is expected to miss the start of spring training because of his injury. According to news reports, full recovery is expected to run about three months. There’s no word on if he wore a helmet or not.


Truck driver kills 2 cyclists in 3 years

On November 4, 2010, Lauren Ward of Los Altos, CA was killed at Alpine Road near I-280 in Portola Valley when she was hit by a truck and killed. The truck was driven by Gabriel Manzur Vera working for Randazzo Enterprises. Fault has not been determined in that crash. Vera was apparently making a right turn onto the freeway when Ward was hit on the left side of the truck, though there are no witnesses to the crash (other than Vera).

On August 7, 2007, teacher John Myslin of Santa Cruz was riding his bicycle to work when he was hit by a truck and killed at the intersection of Mission and Bay in Santa Cruz, California. The truck was driven by Gabriel Manzur Vera working for Randazzo Enterprises. The cyclist in this case was determined to be at fault. Myslin was riding on the sidewalk, passed on the truck’s right and was hit as the truck driver made a right turn.

Mercury News: Truck driver in Alpine Road collision also involved in fatal 2007 crash in Santa Cruz. This story has gone crazy among Bay Area cyclists on Twitter and local listserves this morning. There are only a small handful of cyclist fatalities involving big rigs. Make of it what you will.

Partly in response to the 2007 and another similar truck-vs-bike fatality in 2008, Ecology Action Santa Cruz published a bike safety around trucks brochure.

Red Bull Road Rage: Bicycle crash


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The caption provided with the photo says, “A rider crashes into a security wall during the Red Bull Road Rage bike downhill race in Sigulda, Latvia May 30, 2010.” I think it involves putting mountain bikers and road cyclists together and see who can make it to the bottom of a hill the fastest, but I’m not sure.

Dooring a bus & blaming the bus driver

A parked driver in Seattle opens her door into the path of a moving bus with predictable results. Just like everybody else, she’s a better than average driver who would never cause a traffic accident, so naturally she blamed the bus driver for taking out her car door.