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Interbike shout outs

Bikes May Use Full Lane shirt

Shout outs to:

* Paul and Haniya of Urbana Bicycles, who are the most outrageous Canadians I know.

* David “Fred” Bernstein, Mark “Ted” Stevenson and Jim “I did NOT mention doping!” Moss, with whom I appeared in a special video edition of The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable live video podcast.

* Ted, Josh and Karen Of Commute By Bike with whom I enjoyed dinner. Karen also blogs at She Rides a Bike.

* People from the SF Bay Area, including Barry Beams, Slonie, and Dan Goldwater.

* Susan, who writes Womens Adventure Magazine.

* Kirby & Paul, founders of Bohdi Bikes.

* Maile (or is it Mylie?) the GoPro wonder puppy, who spends her days shooting a dog’s eye view of Vegas conventions with her GoPro Hero Cam.

GoPro doggie cam

I’m wearing the “Bikes May Use Full Lane Shirt” in Vegas today. Please feel free to say hello if you see me wandering around at Interbike and environs.

Interbike 2011 fashion show photos

I’m in Las Vegas for Interbike 2011. I have plenty of good product material for you all, but it’s late so for now I’ll just dump the Momentum Magazine fashion show photos for your viewing enjoyment. Sorry about the lack of editing and captioning on these, but if I don’t get these out now I never will.