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Marc Ducote was Just Riding Along when he saved a life

Marc Ducote NOLA.COM
Marc Ducote with the woman he saved from a burning home.

Marc Ducote owns Bicycle World in Jefferson Louisiana.

He was Just Riding Along his usual route on the Mississippi River levee dressed in full roadie kit when he saw smoke, and then fire. He rode down to investigate and saw a dump truck had hit a trailer home and knocked it clean off of its foundation.

“There’s nobody there, and I’m wondering if anybody’s inside when I hear screaming,” Marc tells me, still high on adreneline from this morning’s rescue. (more…)

Bikes and NOLA

From the Associated Press — “New roads post-storm make New Orleans cycling city”:

“A lot of my gripes have been resolved,” said [biking blogger Joseph] Donnelly, who started cycling in the 1970s and ditched his last car for good in 1989. “When I started the blog in 2006, there was not a single bicycle lane anywhere in New Orleans. Before Katrina, the roads were dangerous for everyone.”

More at Bloomberg Businessweek.

You might remember Joe Donnelly’s bike blog as the one that (in)famously gives advice on running red lights.