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Onda bike trunks

Onda is a Boulder based spin off brand of a company that designs hard shell spare tire covers for SUVs and automotive arm rests. They launched at Interbike 2011 with their bike trunks and trailers. Very attractive.

The trunks lock for somewhat secure storage of your goodies, and also have a quick release so you can strap the trunk to your back to carry into the store or class if you want.

Trailers are lockable hard shell as well. In spite of the ABS contruction, they weigh only about a pound more than similar capacity soft trailers.

Photos below the fold.



This Flipp Handle is a stem dodad that quickly unlocks your handle bicycle handlebar so you can rotate it for for easier storage. This might come in handy on Caltrain. On folding bikes, the usual solution is to fold the handlebars down, but this looks presents an interesting alternative.

From what I can tell, the inventors are apparently seeking funding to make this a real product.

More at Flipphandle.com.