Location: Highland Rd / Victorine Rd, Dublin - Mar 16 2013 9:42AM

: 1179-Trfc Collision 1141 Enrt
    -- Mar 16 2013 10:31AM [14] FW: Message from unit -------------Original Message---------------- From: A118-052 Sent: 03/16/2013 10:30:35 To: 118-Dublin Subject: Message from unit .CAN YOU NOTIFY THE RANCH OWNER AT 8790 HIGHLAND ROAD THAT 10 FEET OF HIS BARB WIRE FENCE WAS CUT FOR ACCESS TO HIS FIELD FOR CAL STAR LANDING; THANKS
    -- Mar 16 2013 10:00AM [10] A118-052 SOLO BIKE TC 1181 //TO BE XPORTED WILL ADVS 144 INFO

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