San Jose CA: Bicycle theme for Rose, White and Blue parade

Bicycles are frequently a part of American Independence Day parades, but the 2016 Rose White and Blue Parade will go all the way with a bicycle theme. Their parade takes place next Monday, July 4, 2016 just west of downtown San Jose, California.

2016 Rose White and Blue Parade San Jose CA

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Justice for a bicycling farm laborer

Back in July 23, 2013, 65-year-old farm laborer Jose Martinez-Sanchez was biking to work on rural Highway 129 / Riverside Drive outside of Watsonville, California when he was hit from behind at 50 MPH by the driver of a Ford Mustang. Martinez-Sanchez was thrown into the opposite lane, where he was struck and killed by the driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

riverside at Coward, Watsonville CA

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Street fashion photographer Bill Cunnhingham rode a bicycle

Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham rode a bicycle

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham passed last Saturday after he was hospitalized for a stroke.

Cunningham famously rode his bicycle all around New York for street photography and to his shooting gigs. He even has his own tag here at Cyclelicious.

The Washington Post‘s nice obit mentions Cunningham’s dislike of his celebrity status. The New York Times obituary for Cunningham covers his 30 bicycles, his working man’s apparel, and his iconic status as a living landmark.

The documentary about Cunningham and his work, “Bill Cunningham New York,” is available to watch on Amazon Video and is included for those with Amazon Prime membership.

Cunninghas was 87. H/T to Elisa.

San Tomas Aquino Trail mowing

San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Santa Clara CA

The Santa Clara Valley Water District began mowing along the lower reaches of the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail in Santa Clara, California last Thursday. Portions of the trail may be subject to closing during mowing.

If you see a tractor on the trail with a big side-mounted mower and the trail is still open, proceed with caution — the operator is watching for trail users, but he also wants to avoid driving his tractor into the creek. If the operator feels like he can’t work safely because some jackass in a hurry just has to get past right away, the contractor will close the trail, so please don’t ruin it for the rest of us, okay?

Contractors are working roughly from north to south, although they haven’t touched the area in the immediate vicinity of Highway 237 as of this writing. This trail work will take place Monday – Saturday and will continue into July as they work through to south of Highway 101.

The City of Santa Clara notice says “trail users to be re-routed to the opposite bank and facilitate passage,” but I don’t know if that means the water district plans to open the unpaved east-bank service road, which is normally closed to the public.

Public workshops for Bay Area Bike Share expansion

Plan New Bike Share Locations

Join Bay Area Bike Share for a series of workshops to have your say in where new bike sharing locations will end up in your neighborhood.

Bay Area Bike S hare Raul Peralez

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Orange, CA uses GoPro video, seizes cars in bike crash investigation

This is kind of incredible.

GoPro "Be a Hero" logo

It all began last December when 22-year-old David Collin Berry of Huntington Beach, CA was just driving along in his Mustang GT 5.0 when he collided with cyclist Alan Lee Darnell. According to Berry, he was driving at only 25 MPH when the cyclist swerved directly in front of him. Berry stayed at the scene, cooperated with the crash investigation, and police said the guy on the bike was at fault.

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