Bikes May Use Full Runway (Not)

As a teen I shared the road with military aircraft. This story of a guy who was knocked from his bike by an American Airlines flight at LAX reminds me of my own personal encounter with jet blast on a military base.

Yokota Air Base Japan perimeter road

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Why a “Bike to Shop” Day?

To celebrate Bike Month and encourage more people to #BikeEverywhere, we’re doing a Bike to Shop Day tomorrow in Silicon Valley, California. Here’s why.

bike to shop day flyer 2016

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Bike to Work Around the World

bike to work around the world

Happy National Bike Week in the United States.

You probably know about and participate in the National Bike Challenge, in which you sign up to challenge yourself and your peers to ride more miles during the months of the challenge (May thru September). The more miles you ride, the more points you can earn for a chance to win prizes. You track your mileage with a bike challenge app. You can also import your rides from popular tracking tools like Strava.

They’re doing something similar in Europe with a European Cycling Challenge, now in its fifth year. Different cities — mostly in Poland, Italy, and the UK — compete to encourage more cycling for more people, and use an app to track the rides. Warsaw, Poland even had a Bike to Work Day today, complete with free breakfasts to those who rode their bikes, to encourage more participation in this #ECC2016. A good time was had by all on what appeared to be a lovely day.

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My two seconds of fame in this Bike to Work Day 2016 Video

Movers & Shakers Ride 2016 DTSJ San Fernando Street

Woo hoo! I make a special appearance for about two seconds in the background at 1:05 in a Bike to Work Day 2016 video from the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

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This is so crazy I’m surprised to see it on Kickstarter: Yannick Read has rigged up a ceremonial blank cartridge to explode when his bike or motorcycle is moved. This gizmo can be yours for about US$71, plus shipping.


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San Jose BPAC: Call for Applications

The city of San Jose Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Committee is a group of citizens providing input to city staff (mostly the SJ DOT) and city council (usually through SJ DOT staff) on issues important to people who walk and bike in the city of San Jose. Up to eleven members are appointed by the director of the San Jose DOT. Committee members must either work within the City or be residents of San José. Committee member terms last two years, with six seats expiring in even years and five seats expiring in odd years. A term on BPAC runs from July 1st through June 30th of the second year.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo DTSJ

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