Pushback on Caltrans proposal to close Skyline in Daly City

Caltrans District 4, which covers the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, celebrates Bike Month by banning bikes from the primary bikeway connecting the Pacific Coast side of San Francisco with the Peninsula. The hundreds of people who bike this way every week complain to the District. Let’s hope they listen.

I buried the lede on this story earlier, so allow me to make amends: Caltrans District 4 Office of Traffic decided to ban bikes from a portion of Skyline Boulevard (aka California State Route 35) in Daly City where Skyline has an interchange with Highway 1. The All Powerful Bike Lobby has pushed back, and maybe Caltrans will rescind this decision?

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Tuesday night in Santa Clara: trails and other bike discussion

From Betsy M regarding City of Santa Clara council meeting the evening of Tuesday, May 17 16, 2017.

There’s a council meeting tomorrow night in Santa Clara (which is a schedule conflict with the Plan Bay Area meeting in San Jose’s King Library).

There’s a creek trail extension in item 13. B. 3. in the consent agenda. It is the evaluation only (no shovels or asphalt yet) of remaining portions of the Saratoga, Calabazas, and Hetch Hetchy trails in Santa Clara. Follow the attachment link from the city’s website to see the lengthy PDF.

Things on the consent calendar usually just get passed, which is fine. If there’s anything to do here, it’s to remind the council and the consultants to talk to their own BPAC, to the bicycle community, and to SVBC while planning these trails. The other thing I see missing in the document is anything about connection and continuity. The J.W. Christian Greenbelt runs along the Hetch Hetchy corridor in Sunnyvale. Calabazas creek is the shared border between Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. VTA has a bike plan, which I don’t see mentioned in this document, but which is directed at intercity connectivity. (Santa Clara’s own bicycle plan dates to 2009 and has so far been all but ignored.)

I also see no mention of improving connections to these trail corridors on adjoining city streets, or of the various agencies which might someday collaborate or provide funding (Open Space Authority, Air Quality Management District, MTC, etc.).

Further down in the council agenda, there’s also yet another information item on the San Tomas trail closure, with not a lot of detail on what information might be presented. For all this item has been discussed, there doesn’t seem to have been much effort to reach out to SVBC or to the trail users to identify a better alternative.

San Tomas Aquino closure schedule 2016

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 4 PM with a closed session, reconvening with a public meeting beginning at 5 PM. The public presentation portion begins after the consent calendar so my guess is you can probably show up around 6 and still be on time to give your comments.

Speaking of San Tomas Trail closures, the trail will close to the public at 1 PM on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 for the U2 Joshua Tree Tour. Does Bono still ride a bike after his serious crash in 2014?

Wonky bike policy, a bike train, and a bike race

Amgen Tour of California Women’s Race ended on Mothers’ Day with Olympic Gold Medalist Anna van der Breggen of the Netherlands narrowly edging ahead of local favorite Katie Hall during the 4th Stage circuit race in Sacrmento.

The Amgen Tour of California Men’s Race continues today with a finish in San Jose. Watch live on the Tour Tracker. Unlike every previous year of this race, I will attend any of the stages in person.

Note: San Jose Bike Train rolls this Wednesday morning, departing 8:15 A.M. from Bel Bacio Cafe. Find more events below the photo of the Movers and Shakers Ride on the Bike Train route last Thursday.

Movers and Shakers Ride Thursday May 11 2017

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Bike culture at Adobe Systems

Sal Pizarro writes about the 250 Adobe employees who make 1600 trips each month by bike at Adobe’s headquarters in downtown San Jose.

Adobe Building

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Silicon Valley: A Bike to Work Day morning alleycat with Cowgirl Bike Courier

Santa Clara and San Mateo County: Visit as many Energizer Stations on Bike To Work Day tomorrow, win prizes!

Bike To Work Day Silicon Valley Breakfast Station Map 2017

Details at the Cowgirl Bike Courier events page and on Facebook. Use the Energizer Station map to plan ahead, start early, and go!

Silicon Valley Bicycle Festival Sunday, and more

Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival and Bicycle Show takes place Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Kelly Park in San Jose, CA.

Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival & Bicycle Show 2017

$5 entry fee, car parking is available but I recommend biking there. More info at the website.

Bike Week activities in Santa Cruz, CA

Visit the Ecology Action Bike Week activities page for info on events like the “Girls Rock” Mountain Bike Ride on Sunday, Santa Cruz County’s Bike to Work Day on Thursday, and more.