Better quality children bicycles

Those of you who have bought bikes for children like know the frustration of finding a decent bike for your offspring. Even bikes from the specialty brands are often clunky, heavy, and difficult to ride.

During the Sea Otter Classic 2015 the other week in Monterey, CA, I met Isla Rowntree and some of her USA staff for Isla Bikes. They design and build higher quality bicycles specifically for children.

Isla Bicycles for children

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Baltimore on bike

Baltimore By Bike

The caption provided AFP says these children on bikes in Baltimore, MD “block the street ahead of demonstrators.”

I see children and adults lawfully in the street on a green walk signal, while the gesturing criminal scofflaw in the red car has illegally encroached into the crosswalk in violation of Maryland Transportation Code §21–202.

Sunnyvale Fatality: Car vs person on a bike this morning

Numerous sources have reported a fatality involving a person riding a bike at 8:20 this morning at Fremont Ave and Mary Ave in Sunnyvale, CA.

Fremont Ave & Mary Ave Sunnyvale CA

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White light, flash light, red light, no light

Under California law,  cyclists are required to have a red reflector visible from the rear when operating the bike at night. Those of you riding in darkness with a 200 lumen tail light without a rear reflector are in violation of CVC 21201.


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California bicycle legislation update Spring 2015

There are currently nearly 40 bills pending in the California Assembly related to bicycles and related transportation issues. Here are some important recent updates.

San Jose Bike Pool

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That Belmont PD press release

There’s been local discussion about a news item regarding a car-vs-bike collision in Belmont, CA. Some people apparently don’t understand what’s missing, so I’ll try to explain.

belmont cyclist injured

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