CHP Traffic Incident Reports: BICYCLE ACCIDENTS

Cyclelicious. This application searches the California Highway Patrol realtime traffic incident data feed for anything involving "bike" or "bicycl" in the state of California. The Traffic Incident data feed covers only state roads under CHP jurisdiction, which mostly means Interstate highways and numbered California state routes.

Right now, this is a real time search. If I'm sufficiently motivated, I might make this automatically check the Traffic Incident report every 15 minutes and post any new incidents to Twitter or an RSS feed or something.

It should be easy enought to modify this program to search for other types of incidents (e.g. your favorite car, specific streets, highways and routes for your commute, etc.) Maybe I can add a query string to this program to do that.

Usually, you will see "No incidents found." I posted sample output in this blog post.

You can also add a single search term by appending "q=[search term]" to the end of the URL; for example will find all instances involving Toyotas.


No incidents found.