I’ve been super busy at work, so I’m going to just point you to other good blog posts today. Cozy Beehive always has good stuff — here’s a collection of Ron’s recent posts:

While Ron @ CB celebrates the technology of bicycles, Eco Velo wonders what a leap back in technology might be like.

MUP Traffic Calming: This picture’s been all over the web — some people think it’s a cool idea, other’s wonder at the application. My guess: those who deal with heavy bike traffic on multi use paths immediately see the purpose of this.

British Waterways Attempt To Shock Cyclists Into Slowing Down

Crazy insane death inviting: Pulse jets mounted on a bicycle.

Hayduke in Santa Cruz Peddles Safety.

This video of a bicycle bell test is kind of funny in a weird way.

Holy Man’s thoughts on those poor, oppressed motorists on Lefthand Canyon Road. I used to drive my car up Lefthand Canyon all the time, passing through Ward, park by Brainard lake and take my morning hike to the Continental Divide in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. I never had problems passing cyclists, though all of those licensed motorists driving their registered vehicles were often a problem as they speed at least 10 mph over the speed limit.

Ciclismo Urbano compares bike lights.

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