“Fixed gear” ebikes are apparently a thing

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Whilst reading my Mastodon feed, I ran across mention of a “fixed gear ebike.” This piqued my interest: can such a thing really exist? The top results when I google “fixed gear ebike” include a blog post on the “Best Fixed Gear Electric Bikes,” which begins with a description of this weird, nonsensical chimera. While […]

Parking reform’s negative impacts bicycle parking? What?

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We’re excited in California for AB 2097 to take effect with the new year. This law bans parking minimums for new developments within a half mile of transit. Cycling advocates and others who care about housing and the climate fought for this bill, and we celebrated when Governor Gavin Newsom signed 2097 into law last […]

The #biketwitter diaspora locator

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How to find bike people on Mastodon Who remembers Follow Friday on Twitter? I haven’t blogged much over the past several years in part because Twitter makes quick interactions with you so easy and fast. I’m undecided on my Twitter future, but in the meantime, I’ll share my other social media links here, along with […]

I come to Sea Otter for the people

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I wander the Sea Otter Festival Expo area looking for interesting new products that fall outside of the mold of manly mountain biking bling with big gnurly tires that dominate at this outdoor event, so for Sea Otter 2022 this Bluejay electric cruiser step-through bicycle nicely appointed with racks and a sidecar caught my attention, […]