I come to Sea Otter for the people

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I wander the Sea Otter Festival Expo area looking for interesting new products that fall outside of the mold of manly mountain biking bling with big gnurly tires that dominate at this outdoor event, so for Sea Otter 2022 this Bluejay electric cruiser step-through bicycle nicely appointed with racks and a sidecar caught my attention, […]

Guess which transit agency has the first contactless bank card fare payment system in California

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In which I discuss public transportation because I used it to get around during a big bike event. No transit agency in the technology-heavy San Francisco Bay Area supports tap-and-pay contactless fare payment using bank cards; you have to use the proprietary stored value Clipper Card or their Clipper App. The Los Angeles area has […]

I’m at the Sea Otter Classic 2021 and you should be too

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(Assuming you’re vaxxed and / or masked, but it’s all outdoors in the American state with the lowest Covid transmission rate.) I like to visit Sea Otter on Thursday because that’s the slow day, but it’s anything but slow here with full campgrounds, more athletes than they had at their 2019 record year, and a […]

Brigading Caltrans for safety improvements

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease. After community input, Caltrans agrees to safety improvements for Highway 17 drivers, so let’s grab this opportunity to improve the shoulder along California State Route 17 from Bear Creek Road to Alma Bridge Road along Lexington Reservoir. Caltrans responds to petition for Highway 17 safety improvements Caltrans is driven […]