Sacramento Cycle Chic

When I visited Sacramento the weekend before last, I met Loreno — aka the Sac Cycle Chic — and her husband David.

SacCycleChic and husband

Lorena publishes the Sac Cycle Chic blog from Sacramento, where she encourages riding a bike for everyday travel in regular and even stylish clothing. Lorena’s the kind of gal who’s the life of the party. Drop by and say hello.

Lorena is also one of the co-founders of Bikeramento. Bikeramento’s mission is to propel Sacramento into the most bikeable city and region in the world.

As the capital of the most populous state in the United States, Bikeramento is in a strategic location to show lawmakers what a truly bike friendly city can look like. Bikeramento has some good people on board to push for good changes and I wish them luck in their mission.


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