TONIGHT IN SAN JOSE: Track racing at Hellyer Velodrome and the “No Pants Ride” with San Jose Bike Party. If watch the racing at Hellyer tonight you can snag free food and drink courtesy of Concept Cyclery in Morgan Hill.

Scotts Valley Mt Hermon Road crash Fun times in my little town last night — right before the evening rush hour a guy in a Ford Bronco lost control and took out a fire hydrant, a pedestrian on the sidewalk and a utility pole. The main road through town (37,000 VPD) was closed for about four hours as crews worked to clean up the mess. As Holy Man writes, when a crash involves a cyclist, you see tirades about the danger of cycling and cyclists should be banned from the roads. When a single motorist kills, maims, destroys and otherwise inconveniences upwards of 10,000 people, there’s zero to little reaction about the dangers of driving. More here if you’re so inclined….

TMZ Video: Dog rides cyclist’s bike <- see to believe! I think Kate Gosselin needs a bigger bicycle. Jon and Kate Gosselin are seen together in their front yard

Freakonomics: Reducing traffic by closing roads.

Gunnar on The Roads We Have.

Wind turbine bike lights. In spite of all the stuff about the efficiency of hub dynamos and what not, I see a clear advantage in the wind turbine light in that you can just clip the thing on. Bottle and hub generators require installation.

Velo Vogue Profile: Jeff Selzer of Palo Alto Bicycles.

DIY Cycling: Courier comeback?

Death Ride 2009 Report.

Dave Moulton’s bike history: Present day British cyclists who ride road races owe a great deal to Percy Stallard.

More bike history from Biking Bis.

Velo Orange tweeted Your Bike Shop = Oil Addiction Recovery Center.

UltraRob: Tour Tweets. Speaking of which, Dave Zabriskie tweeted, “Ryder is perfect roommate. He has no sense of smell. You know what that means.

Engadget: Use bikes to power buses?

Antique Chainless Bicycles.

Smallest mountain bike is less than 3 mm long!

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