Enjoy my photos of guys on their bikes from this last week, flavored with a side of bike news. Thank you and enjoy your day.

Jacob sports his “I [bike] LA” Midnight Ridazz t-shirt in San Jose.

Jacob Bikes LA

My neighbor Andrew races downhill professionally and he occasionally bikes road as well. He also owns owns the local bike shop and he has the cleanest garage I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s wearing his shop kit here.


I saw this old guy with the big chair strapped to the back of his bike. He looks and talks like he’s about 75 years old. Sorry it’s so blurry but I think he’s so awesome he deserves a photo. Middlefield Road in Mountain View, California.

Old man carries a chair

Bicycle News

Do you remember that injunction that’s put San Francisco’s bike plan on hold over the past four years? San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter Busch finally lifted the city’s bike injunction Friday afternoon when he ruled against plaintiff Rob Anderson’s lawsuit against the city. In his ruling, Busch found San Francisco in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, in seeking to implement its Bicycle Plan citywide.

Read more at Streetsblog, SF Examiner, SF Appeal, SF Citizen.

Google’s App Engine Blog linked to Cyclelicious in a discussion on using App Engine to create an Android application for finding bike share bicycles. It’s cool because the blog’s primary audience is not bike nerds, but mobile app nerds, and the App Engine team goes into some detail on how some of the various bike share systems work.

Ross Del Duca wonders if diabetics might get an ‘unfair’ advantage in the pro peloton because they can legally dope. Did you know 20% of athletes have asthma and need approval from the World Anti Doping Agency to take asthma medications that are otherwise banned as performance enhancing substances? Compare that to an estimated 5% to 7% of the general population who have asthma.

Treehugger looks at rising “velophobia” – the reactionary bike hate that we seem to be seeing more often lately.

Finally, I steal my best material from Biking in LA.

Have a good one!


  1. That old dude is awesome, obviously, because he's moving a chair on his bike. But even more so because of the “ho-hum” approach he's taking to it, as evidenced by the way he's dressed. Like he's out for a Sunday stroll: white slacks and sandals, cool button down and his sweater tied around his shoulders, topped off with favorite baseball cap.

    There is nothing about this guy to indicate that he's doing anything unusual, or that he's trying to earn street cred or style points, or that he's trying to make a statement about people-powered transportation, or that he's even interested in bicycles or furniture.

    He's just a guy taking care of business.

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